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Auctions with Russian coins & medals in February 2011


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Coming auctions around the globe


in February 2011


If anyone wants to add one/few other auctions pls do so:


February 02 Ira&Larry Goldberg LA, USA

February 05 Russian Numismatic House #11, Moscow, Russia

February 05 Baldwin's London UK

February 05 Finnish numismatic society #377, Helsinki, Finnland

February 08 WAG Westfälische Auktionsgesellschaft #56 Dortmund, Germany

February 12 Imperia auction #14 Moscow, Russia

February 17-19 Gerhard Hirsch #271, Munich, Germany

February 18 International Coin Exchange, Dublin, Ireland

February 26 Warszawskie Centrum Numizmatyczne #45, Poland

February 25-26 Teutoburger Münzauktion & Handel GmbH #53, Germany


P.S. Internet auctions 24/7 with russian coinage:




P.S. All dates of auctions taken from sixbid.com, m-dv.ru and private calls :)

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