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Royaume Anglo-Corse : 1794 - 1796


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Hello, I am French and I collect English coins with the king GEORGES III.

So, I am in desperate looking for pictures about a coin that England has made for the CORSE in 1794 or 1795 during le Royaume Anglo CORSE.

In my view, we have to find a portrait of the king Georges III et arm Anglo CORSE.

If someone can help me to sending me pictures of these coins … big thanks.


More informations on my blog :

My link

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Greetings mio49!


I checked out your link --I'm sorry that I don't know much about this specific series of coins, nor much about this brief English claim to Corsica! But I'm learning. Welcome to Coin People. I"m sure someone else will know more than I.


Je collectionne les jetons français en particulier et les monnaies françaises en général. Bienvenue à notre site!



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