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A curiosity


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I found this at my work today:




I can't quite figure it out. It's very clearly a 1969, but it looks like somebody has messed with the last digit of the date. There is a ring around the coin, indicating at least some amount of mint roll damage, but there is copper in places that it simply shouldn't be. Here's a comparison to a normal '69:




Any guesses as to how this could have happened? All I can think of is either highly unusual damage, or somebody was trying their hand at scraping off details of a coin and trying to rebuild the missing portions (as in adding an S to an '09 VDB).

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It got shotgunned rolled in a coin rolling machine. It is a sad fate that even snarked up the 1940 I pulled out of a roll the other day - it was on the end of the roll - there is a metal device that crimps the paper of the roll that also damages the coins.

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Not sure how it happened but I too have seen coins with the last number in the date moved over or tilted and the rest of the coin still OK. That is what I find odd is in almost all such instances, the rest of the coins are usually undamaged. Sort of makes you think it was done purposely for fun. I've got seveal 1941 Lincoln Cents with the last 1 moved over and tilted and the rest of the coin with no damage.

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