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canadian coin

The last dodo bird

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They're RCM medallions commemorating the 1939 Royal Visit. The small bronze ones were given away to kids, while the larger sized bronze and silver ones were sold at POs for 10 and 50 cents, respectively. There were also gold pieces given to selected dignataries, e.g. WLMK and FDR.

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The reason i want to know its value is not because i wish to sell it but because it gives me an idea of its rarity. The coin has a diameter of about 1 1/4 inch (more precisely 3,3 cm). One side depicts the Canadian Pacific Railway and the other King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. There is information about this coin on the internet, but not this one specifically. All i have been able to find was information about the more common bronze one, which was given to schoolchildren.

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In terms of scarcity, it's kind of "meh". Most dealers likely enconter several a year. Not super common, but not really scarce, either. Mintage is likely in the tens of thousands, possibly low six figures.

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