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Dutch square 5 cent piece

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I have a 5 cent square dutch coin. It has both Queens Wilhamina and Juliana on it. The inscription reads 30 jaar vrij (30 years free)

Does anybody know anything about this coin ? I have had it since I was a kid and know nothing about it. Also does anybody know the value of it? Not that I would sell it but just more curious than anything. Thank you SO much :yes:

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There are probably some much smarter guys than me on the website that can answer, but your description doesn't match my Netherlands square 5 cent pieces circa 1913-1943. I don't see a match in Krause for the Netherlands or the Netherlands Antilles either. My guess would be it is a commemorative issue. I wouldn't expect a high value, but of course that would depend on condition and exactly what it is.

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