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French coins


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From the looks of it, most medium-value (roughly 20 centimes to 5-10 francs) were silver until 1914. Most European countries suspended the production of precious-metal coins during WWI, briefly resumed from the 20s through the Depression, and then returned to the production of cheap coinage during WWII. The war destroyed the value of the Franc, so silver coins were no longer plausible except as high-denomination (novelty/gift) coins.

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What Finn said, but just to add a bit more detail;


20 Centimes until 1867

50 Centimes until 1920

1 Franc until 1920

2 Francs until 1920

5 Francs until 1878 (not made after then)

10 Francs 1929 to 1939

20 Francs 1929 to 1939


The Franc was revalued in 1960 to the rate of 100 old Francs = 1 New Franc,

so we have a brief resumption in silver (until the silver price climbed too high as a result of the oil crisis in the early 1970's)


5 Francs 1960 to 1969

10 Francs 1965 to 1973

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How you guys find all this out ive been looking for weeeks, everytime i looked on the net, it came up with canada :confus: & also i found afew 1988 roland garros 10f, possibly gold it says, how would you tell ?????????

Buy/get Krause publication "Standard Catalog of World Coins 1901-2000" or go to a public library and read it there

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