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2 kop 1763 MM and SPM


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I picked up these coins a while ago but photographed them only recently. The images have immediately revealed lots of detail that were not so obvious on the actual coins. It seems to me there are visible traces of the overstruck 4 kopeck on this 1763 MM 2 kop below. The most noticeable is what seems to be the edge of the banner on the reverse at 2 pm. Or is this my imagination?



Here I rotated the coin using the image of a 4 kop coin taken from www.m-dv.ru as a guide:



And here is an SPM coin. Please look at the obverse at 2 pm - are these drumsticks (or whatever those two things are)? Also, there seems to be a star remaining on the reverse at 7 pm. So, please let me know what you think.


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