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A Color Tour of U.S. Paper Money


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This book is so special that it deserves the broadest exposure, beyond the Paper Money forum or the References forum.


Whitman Publishing's A Guide Book of United States Paper Money by Arthur L. and Ira S. Friedberg (3rd Edition; 2011; 405 pages; $24.95) presents in full color, the complete catalog of US federal issues.


Though with taproots in Bank of the United States, chartered in 1791, U. S. Federal currency begins in 1862. Here you will find the full history, from then to the present. In addition to the full-color illustrations of National Bank Notes, Treasury Notes ("Coin Notes"), Legal Tender Notes, Silver Certificates, Large Size and Small Size notes, Gold Certificates and, of course, Federal Reserve Notes.


Among the artistic masterpieces are the erotic issues of the late 19th century, the "Electricity" amd "Education" notes, the pinnacle in functional aesthetics for rich men, but hardly alone among the revealed goddesses of Liberty. Beyond that, are battleships and battle scenes, the first aeroplane, farms and factories, steamships and steam locomotives, Columbus, Pilgrims, De Soto, Indians and Buffalos, as well as the political men both famous and forgotten - who was Thomas A. Hendricks?


It is an easy trivia gotcha to ask at a numismatic "quiz bowl" when did the motto "In God We Trust" first appear on U.S. federal issue banknotes?

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