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U.S. Mint confiscates rare 'double eagle' coins

Guest Stujoe

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David Lebryk, acting director of the Mint, said the rare $20 coins, which were never put in circulation, were public property.


What BS. They are private property which he stole from the owner.


He said Mint officials asked to authenticate the coins, then confiscated them after doing so.


Berke said Langbord and her son never relinquished their right to the coins, and argued in a July 25 letter to the Mint that the seizure was unjustified.


Typical bureacratic dishonesty.


But Mint officials said Thursday that Berke was told from the beginning that the coins would not be returned because they were the government's property.


I'll bet my hoard of gold coins that the mint jerkoffs are lying. The people were pretty dumb to trust a federal bureaucracy with their property, but being dumb doesn't mean they deserve a ripoff like that. Anyway, I can't imagine anyone being dumb enough to send the coins after being told that nonsense about them belonging to the G. This is a good illustration of why I despise bureaucrats and politicians. They don't work for a living, they produce nothing, they arrogantly view us as their subjects to be fleeced and deceived, and they retire with pensions that we pay for.


If everyone at the mint who is involved in this ripoff came home to a burgled house, it would serve them right.

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