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Hey CP

My name is Carl, i`m 20 and from UK.I`ve been somewhat of a coin collector since i can remember, i haven`t had a huge interest in it,but i`ve always kept foriegn coins and special ed ones.

I am now a coingeek, but i don`t know alot about coins, i`m just taking it up as a full hobby and am going to get some books and read up on it all, improve my knowledge and add to my collection.

I also have OCD(no i`m not contagious,so please don`t think i`m a mutant or anything.Some of my own family members have ignored me cause i have suffered from major depression,so please don`t dislike me before you know me), and was thinking about collect one of each coin a year,but thought it was just my OCD, but then i read a post on here or another forum when someone showed their set of special american coins from like 1980 something through to 2006.And so i think i will collect one of each coin a year.


Anyways, enough about me, haha.

Just like to say, thanks for reading this, and i`m looking forward to sharing my smallish coin collection(just ordered some more of ebay,so it`s gonna grow) and looking at other peoples collections





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I guess my goal is just to collect as many as i want and then order then in cases etc.

I mean i don`t really have that much of a goal i just got really hooked on collect them two days ago.I`m just fascinating by them,the dates and just the different prints and stuff they have, and i`m just generally gonna collect and then just see where it goes.

I never really thought about organising them till a few hours ago.




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Yep this one:



Though it`s not mine :-(

But i`m gonna look for one similar,and i`m gonna get it.Look forward to it.

May i appalagise for my crappy scanning skills lol, i ain`t used to scanning,and by the time i realised that i scanned them wrong, i had already finished them and can`t be asked to do them again lol.But i`ll remember next time.But you should be able to see my coins by using the magnifying glass tool.

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Hello Carl and welcome to CoinPeople. We have folks here who collect all kinds of things. Look around and enjoy yourself.

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Welcome to the both of you, then!


CoinGeek, collecting themes (like turtles for example) is great -- other than my more mainstream collections by nation or year, I also do physics, astronomy and space issues (as well as physicists, astronomers and astronauts), centaurs on modern issues (not too doggone many of those), and a catch-all collection of "ooo, shiny!" (a/k/a "How could I say no to it at that price/condition/but it looked so sad when I started to walk away!") :)


Boink, I see you're already on Omnicoin -- good move. :) Nice India and China issues there!

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Thanks ikaros... Actually I got on Omnicoin first. Then thru that I came to know abt this forum. Really helpful sites, both. I always wanted a site where this hobby can be discussed. Finally found 'em. :)


Thanks for the appreciation. I am also acquiring a special edition Rs. 100 coin from India. It's the 1982 Asiad Games commemorative coin. will upload pics soon..... :)

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