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Collectors' Edition: India 100 Rupee coin

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I am soon acquiring a Collectors' Edition 100 Rupee coin issued by the Reserve Bank of India, very long time ago. Will post the pics once I get it. Should be next month. Just wanted to share the news with all of yous.


The collectors' edition dates back to the early 80s and the set contains 2 coins, viz. 10 Rupees and 100 Rupees. Now, India has a 10 Rupee bimetallic coin. However, these are from much before and were issued as a limited edition.


I know it doesn't really make sense to post without a pic of the coins. But the joy of getting it was too great for me not to share. :P hence, this early post..... Can't wait to get my hands on it! :)

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Hi Cladking. Yes, the 10R is now in existence. Although right now it is a bimetallic coin with a poor quality impressions. These are the coins from the time when there was a 10 Rupee note but no coin.


Another interesting set of indian coins that I have is the 25p & 50p coins. It has "1/4 Rupee" (25p) & "1/2 Rupee" (50p) written on obverse.

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