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Mules of the 1840 2 kopeeks


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Hi everyone! I was looking in Uzdenikov to see the differences between the different types. In Uzdenikov there are four types listed, but they are four different mintmarks: CNB, CNM, EM and CM with a fifth, non-mintmarked novodel. I can see the difference in the date sizes in the first two photos. I can also see what seems to be a shorter cipher length on the first coin compared to the second as well as the numeral two not having the curl at the end of the top curved section of the number.


What am I missing here? Am I using the wrong reference book to differentiate between these coins?


Any help is appreciated.

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What am I missing here? Am I using the wrong reference book to differentiate between these coins?

These are die varieties, not just different mintmarks. Little differences in date digits, and in the "2" as you have seen.


Uzdenikov's reference is good, but he doesn't list all of the varieties. You need Bitkin, Brekke or other specialized works for that. Besides, new varieties are being discovered all the time ... Steve Moulding has probably the most up-to-date information on all the copper coins.

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Well okay, at least I am not missing something in the references that I have! Someone mentioned that they had a spare Brekke to sell and I tried to look that reference up on the computer and came up short. What is Brekke's first name and/or title of book? Thanks!

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There was a thread on the Brekke catalog on this forum but I could not find it.


Basically it is a large catalog of copper coins of imperial Russia. It is in English only. You can have mine for $60 plus shipping which I think is fair.


Here's the list of books One-Kuna had suggested in some thread:

"I am glad that before questions on coins you are looking for some suggestions on the reach russian numismatic literature!

Yes, it is reach!

How deep into you want to go?

If you just started collecting russian coins 1700-1917 - that would be your choice:

prices are varied depending where you will be buying them - in Russia or US


Uzdenikov standard catalog ($20-50)


Severin silver ($60-100) original

Russian reprint ($30-60)


Severin gold ($25-50) reprint/original


Brekke copper coins ($65-100)


Julian silver ($45-80)


Specialized European, American and Russian auction catalogs with Russian coins (there are hundreds...)


There are more expensive catalogs exist like Boston reprint of Georgii Mikhailovich, Bitkin, Diakov, etc."

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