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Henry II Tealby Pennies


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I posted these in another forum but I thought it a good idea to post some pictures of my Tealby/(Cross and Crosslet) pennies.






Hosbert on Winchester.







Siwate on Thetford.

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Nicol on Norwich.







Nichole on Ipswich.







God... on ?







Willem on Winchester or Bury Saint Edmunds.

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Now for my two favourite ones.





Willem on Bury St Edmunds with some nice provenance.







Gvncelin on Exeter. Exceptionally scarce and especially so in this condition.

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What are Tealby pennies? In some of these, they seem very difficult to read. How do you identify the coins in such conditions?


Tealby pennies are the coins shown above. They are commonly known as Tealby pennies due to the largest hoard of them, well over 6,000, being found at a place called Tealby in Lincolnshire. Their numismatic name is a 'Cross and Crosslet' penny due to the large cross featuring smaller crosses within.


These coins were notoriously poorly struck on flans that bore no regularity and so the ones featured above are in much better condition than most. They appear in varying degrees of quality from this to the Gvncelin one featured above.


They are also exceptionally hard to identify accurately due to the nature of the strike and so a very good eye is needed to pick out the remnants of the legend and parts of the portrait if they are at all visible.

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I saw a picture of a cross and crosslet penny in a history book. I'm interested in the reverse design because I'm interested in heraldry and it's a bit odd when viewed as heraldry. Also, heraldically, there are some significant differences between splayed ends and non-splayed, rays in the center, and other variations. Does anyone have recommendations about where I can look for more information on these coins, including their variations, and especially if there's any information about what they were intended to look like before the lousy moneyers got their hands on them?


I'm in the US, but my local library is pretty good about Inter-Library Loan (presumably from in the US!).

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