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1896 Eritrea 5 lire


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Fake Eritrean 5 lire coins of 1891 and 1896 keep popping up on eBay, and people keep buying them. Originals are worth well over $1000 in AU. Here is a common fake which sold recently for $800!!



(item #350425084747)


Another, a steal(!) at $44:



(item #300493319997)


On many fakes, like these two, the bottom of the "O" in "Umberto" is weak. These fakes are an epidemic---there are three or four up for sale now.


Should I let the buyers know that these are fakes?



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Should I let the buyers know that these are fakes?

You can (and should) report these items directly to eBay. However, since eBay has started hiding the bidder and buyer user ID's from other users, how could you let the buyers know?


Besides, telling a bidder that they are bidding on a fake before the auction runs out is kind of questionable business ... sometimes people used to do this with genuine, desirable coins in the hope that the high bidder will retract their bid and then they can get the coin for a lower price.

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