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Peace of Nijmegen Jeton 1677.

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The Peace Treaties of Nijmegen were a series of treaties signed in the Dutch city of Nijmegen between August 1678 and December 1679. The treaties ended various interconnected wars among France, the Dutch Republic, Spain, Brandenburg, Sweden, Denmark, the Prince-Bishopric of Münster, and the Holy Roman Empire.


The most significant of the treaties was the first, which established peace between France and the Dutch Republic and ended the Franco-Dutch War of 1672-1678. Peace negotiations had begun as early as 1676, but nothing was agreed to and signed before 1678, this jeton was apparently struck 1677 so I think it must commemorate the actual cessation of hostilities, hence the latin QVIESCAM ET QVIESCERE FACIAM = To rest/cease and by resting/ceasing the making of it(peace).


Rekenpenning “Vredesonderhandelingen te Nijmegen”, 1677 by Heinrich Bonhorst, Clauthal mint.

Brons, Ø 27 mm.

Vz.: vredesduif met olijftak vliegt over water en


zal rusten en laten rusten)

Kz.: balans in evenwicht met geld en gewicht,

een smeltoven en een muntgewichtkast.

Onderaan 8 of 15 stenen. RESPONDENTINTIMA

QUANTO (ze geven precies aan hoeveel)

Lit.: Dugniolle nr. 4384, vOrden 1357

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Here is a link about the treaties which shows the commemorative medals/tokens issued:

De Vrede van Nijmegen in penningen http://www.noviomagus.nl/Gastredactie/VDZe...egen%201687.pdf.

The token is on page 456.


There is a list at the end of prices realized(2006-2008) from auctions, dealers & ebay of the medals/tokens & their condition. This one is #NYM10a 48(Euros) Zf(condition) MPO 20-221(auction) dec 2008.

Link to MPOhttp://www.mpo.nl/nl

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