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Hi there,


I just joined the forum. Seems like there are a number of interesting conversations to be had here!


Being a sports fan, I'm nuts about stats. I've been collecting for a while now, but I'm only just coming into an area where I could see stats developing...


I was just wondering if anyone kept stats for their collections? And if so, what they were/how they worked?


i.e. Canadian small penny collection. Owned/Total, number and %. Stuff like that.


Thanks in advance!



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Most of us keep detailed spreadsheets of our collections, especially if your coins are stored in a bank vault. Otherwise you forget what you have and wind up buying doubles.


Date, grade, purchase price, seller (important, as trends do develop) plus comments.


If you use Excel you can produce reports, pie charts, almost anything your heart desires.

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I just use a pretty basic spreadsheet. All it really tracks is the essential coin info (date, grade, grading company, country, denomination, price paid), plus things like the date/person I bought it from. The only formula I use is one to calculate my profit/loss on any coins I've sold.

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