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Help me to grade this Kennedy half dollar.


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I'd be looking at AU. The reverse has a number of areas that say "cleaned" to me. The large number of parallel lines in the field between the bottom of the eagle and the words "Half Dollar" for example.

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ccg, you mean this brownish stuff around the eagle? I wouldn't say it's gold, probably ugly patina or some kind of dirt. Why do you think it would be goldplated?

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I'm going to be rough on it. Grade is melt value. With the lines on it no grade. If sent in it would not make it back as a graded coin. Now if it was not cleaned and just wear since the back is so far gone. Maybe a fine. A split grade could get the obverse as a high AU maybe ms.

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While I am not an expert on US coins I do collect them.

According to this boards header, we are encouraged to grade coins to help improve our lot and sharpen our skills.

I agree this coin has merits, such as sharpness, eye appeal etc, what I dont like are the constant scratches all over the surface.

Bag marks fine, I can live with that but as for grade I wouldnt put it past Very Fine due to its surface scratches.

MS.(I think not)

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