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Ideas and rules for the project


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I've posted this in the other post but thought this should be made as a seperate thread. Here it is again:




Since I started with the idea of making a wiki of Russian numismatics, I thought I might as well add in what my vision is.


If you have checked out wikipedia.org and have used it, it's an extraordinary powerful resource collaborated by various people who contribute and edit other people's works. These people may not be professionals but the information they provide can be said to be very useful. More information about how wikipedia works can be seen here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wiki


I personally find numismatic books to be nearly outdated because you can have books that have mintage, varities and other information but often you need to cross reference between so many books. Furthermore, information can be scarce. With wiki, this solves a lot of these problems.


So what can wiki do when it comes to numismatics?


You can:


Add detailed information about coins, varities, mintage, mints, cross referencing and such

Tracking what mint struck what coins - can be interesting if it was struck abroad or struck for overseas

Historic pricing of certain coins, referencing to auction houses

Detailed articles of political nature of some coins

Times when coins were not issed but some other currency was used in place of coins

A section on counterfeit coins


There are other possibilties of using wiki but I'll put it to there.



So how can one contribute?


The beauty of this is that one do not have to be good in English to contribute. One do not have to be an expert in using wiki or even a veteran in collecting Russian coins.


One can do the following:

1) Upload images of their collection

2) Identify different varities and make comments

3) Editing other people's work

4) Write up articles

5) Keeping track of sales of certain coins

6) Referencing from other sites

7) Translate articles into English for people that have difficulties with English


Of course, there may be many other possibilties that I have not thought of yet.


What should one NOT do?

Bearing in mind, this is a teamwork of a long term project and it is essential to understand that everyone comes from a different background. This is a collaboration of volunteers who wish to share their knowledge, effort and time.


1) This database is not to be used for advertising for personal interest, i.e. sales of personal collection

2) This is not a race of who owns the most amazing coin

3) Copy and paste articles that are copyrighted and you do not own the rights or have not asked permission to do so

4) Vandalize or attack other forum members for whatever reason


Overall goal

Bear in mind, this is a really long term project that one shouldn't expect to see it florishing overnight. This forum, coinpeople.com took probably about 5 years to get around to this stage so I am not suprised if it takes that long or even longer to make it a reasonably sized database.


1) Must be fun

2) Respect other individuals. This includes respecting other people's culture as well as other people's work.

3) Able to handle criticism when other people edit your work


Guess this is my idea of what a wiki about numismatics should be like but feel free to comment or disagree with my points. Thank you!

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I still have it up in my head. Sent a message to akdrv a while ago otherwise I'll start it on my own if needed. :)


If you go it alone...


So far I've been very happy with the new wiki I'm using for the translation project:




I'm not image intensive (as your wiki will be) so don't know how wikidot would fare. A very useful site to compare the many wiki platforms out there is http://www.wikimatrix.org/





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This is (mentioned in previous post) a good web site, that is containing info regarding standard series of Soviet Union coins till its crash and coins from times before USSR.

Also during times of USSR there were special series of coins related to special events or special series for collecting.


Since 1992 in Russia there were also diferent immissions of coins and banknotes, as standard series and also as special series, related and dedicated to celebrations of different anniversaries, events, different territories in Russia and so on.

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