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New Book on Modern FRNs


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The Collector’s Guide to Modern Federal Reserve Notes Series 1963-2009 by Robert Azpiazu, (Foreward by Arthur L. Friedberg; Whitman Publishing, 2010; 428 + xvi pages, $29.95)


Spiral bound for easy use by the active collector, this book will be comfortable to anyone who knows the Whitman product line. It is filled with tables. Each section begins with a "Series Summary" explaining the significant details for each note in the series. Pictures (reduced to lawful dimensions) are in full color. At the head of each note in each series is the signature pair for the Treasurer and Secretary of the Treasury. Each table gives the beginning and ending serial numbers for the non-star and star notes, the date of release, and the approximate market value for a Choice Crisp Uncirculated example.


The Introduction explains the 32-Subject Sheet, Elements of the notes (plate numbers, position letters, etc.), suggestions for collecting themes, and definitions of technical terms such as "Changeover Pair," and "Runs."


I never had much interest in FRNs. Thanks to this book, now I do.

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