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A handy find.


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My girlfriend gave me a couple of A$50 and upon closer inspection I found they were 2009 consecutive pairs. Going through the notes in my girlfriend's wallet I found that she had 8 consecutives, all in "About Uncirculated" condition :yahoo:


It would be fair to say I'm withdrawing these note from circulation.

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About as soon as they hit someone's wallet or the drawer of a cash register, probably. They could persist much longer in smaller groups if stashed after being received from an ATM though.


I recently sold a consecutive pair of 2004 sawbucks in AU condition at face (plus $5 shipping :banana:) on ebay to a guy in Pennsylvania because it seemed like a shame to break the pair up.


My biggest regret is the run of 7 Neff autographed $1 FRNS I bought for about $90 a few years ago. I sold 3 of them for about $100 total, so I got 4 consecutives for basically free. But I wish I'd kept them all... I was about 16 or 17 at the time so I needed the money or so I thought :confus:

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Bills with consecutive serial numbers are very common, and consecutively numbered bills are almost always in crisp uncirculated condition. I work with bills on a daily basis at my work, and after we get a large shipment of bills from the bank, clusters of consecutive runs will persist in tills for up to a month. Older bills are more rare to find in consecutive runs, however. I found a run of 3 consecutive series '95 $1 bills a few months ago, presumably from a savings stash or the like.


Now what I have to wonder is... what are the chances of a broken pair (or run) of being reunited at some point in time?

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