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Bitkin for sale?


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$250 for a book is crazy.. i can read cyrillic (self taught while in bulgaria :P)

Russia, Catalog, Coins of Russia and USSR, 1921-2007 looks tempting though

cant find conros on there though :/


I think, not to have Bitkin today is crazy, -- if you seriously collect Russian coins, that is. I have 2 -- one at home and one at work. Of course, if you buy coins without regard to rarity, or pay, like, not more than $10 per coin, then you do not need it, I guess. If you buy serious stuff, and pay good money for it, and participate in auctions -- not to have that reference is insane. I do not trust the cataloger's description. Also, there is a chance to find something people without this reference missed, and get your money, you spent on the book, back from one informed purchase.


Which catalog of Russia and USSR are you talking about? If it is what I think it is, I would stay as far away from it as possible, and even farther...

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