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A Tinf on eBay!


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You can try..but to tell the trouth never met this coin from the source like that. It is much more rare than tynf. Maybe you thought about 6 groschen or 1/6 of taler from Elisabeth period.. those are possible to obtain, but not shostak. :)


People dig up most wonderful (if rotten) things in Russia. The reason, there is just a lot of people digging. I do not know what the situation is in Belarus, Ukraine, and Poland with diggers. It would be most likely found in Belarus and Ukraine, however. There was a considerable mintage of both denominations. Shostaks are no patterns, but like any small coin, those would not survive as good and as long as larger coins. However, we may yet see a few (IMXO)

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3 shostak = 1 tymph

Correction. 1 Tymph is 12 Kopeks. A Shestak is 6 kopeks ( shest=six? ) or 1/2 Tymph.


There was a Shestak listed in The New York Sale XXIV Jan 7 2010, lot 1027 est $50,000. Hammer: $97,500.




Conros catalog says shestak is 1/3 Typmh. this was my earlier reference, but seems it is slighty wrong.

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