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Even a blind pig finds an acorn once in a while!


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So I happened to be bidding on a couple lots at the last Lyn Knight currency auction, and was live when the coin lots started, so I saw a nice 1828 bust half dollar in a lot of mixed coins and decided to bid on it. Well I won the lot for $150, or $172.50 with the buyer's premium. Now that I won, I decided to see what I bought! Here is their photo:




Yes, I am the blind pig, because with my 1828 bust half I got a 1938-D walking liberty half (mintage 491,600), a 1913 Barber half (mintage 188,000), an 1876-CC quarter in VF, an 1841-O dime in VG, an 1863 CWT which I have no clue about and an 1867 shield nickel with rays in VF. When I bid, I knew the 38-D half was a good date, but I had no clue on the Barber or the shield nickel that those were better dates! Looks like I found an acorn!

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