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5 Notes for the holidays


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1928 C *star* - $1 silver certificate - Fr. 1603*

- Heritage has only sold 9 in the last decade, only about a dozen are known in any grade. $5K+ probably.


1928 D *star* - $1 silver certificate - Fr. 1604*

- Only 10 sold by Heritage since 2003. About a dozen known. Probably $3K+ starting in VG


1928 E *star* - $1 silver certificate - Fr. 1605*

- Called the "King of the $1 Silver Certificate Series." Only 6 sold by Heritage since 2003. Less than a dozen known. Looks to start at $13K.


1935 A - R experimental note *star* - $1 silver certificate - Fr. 1609*

- Only 12 sold by Heritage since 2003. Print run of only 12,000. Probably $2.5K and up.


1935 A - S experimental note *star* - $1 silver certificate - Fr. 1610*

- Just about 15 sold by Heritage. Again, only 12,000 printed. I'm expecting $3-4K and higher.



Those are some of the only notes I need for my entry-level currency series. That's what I love about the $1 silver cert. series. There are common notes, experimental notes, WWII notes, different signatures, colors, designs, mottos, sizes, and stars with rarities too!


I'm actually surprised by the low prices. I try to buy my notes in person - the thrill of the hunt - but I might make an exception and pay a premium if I find one on Heritage.

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