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1840-1846 Rouble edge varities


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Hi All,


I've just received this 1844КБ Rouble and I've noticed the edge is missing dots after words СЕР and ЗОЛ. The big dot is there. First I thought it may be a good copy.




Then I checked my other similar roubles and find out:

1833НГ Rouble - Both dots.

1834НГ Rouble - Only 1 dot after СЕР.

1840НГ Rouble - Both dots.

1841НГ Rouble - No dots.

1842АЧ Rouble - Only 1 dot after ЗОЛ.

1844MW Rouble - Both dots.

1845КБ Rouble - Both dots.

1846ПА Rouble - Both dots.


Do you think is it a pattern or just a chance ? Could you check your roubles for dots ? :)




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It is not a pattern or rare variety.

Edge inscription's minor varities occurred very often those days (up to year 1844-1845), due to rather outdated minting technologies.

So presence or absence of a dot, letter "Л" looking as "Д", etc., is "normal".


1844 rouble has 2 main varieties of reverse - with closed digits "4" in a date and with open digits (scarcer);

and 2 varieties of obverse (different desing of "К" in "ЗОЛОТНИКА") - total 4 varieties.


The rouble shown is nice, though is the most common out of 4 main varieties.

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