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We've inherited a set of US liberty coins 1886-1986, it's the full set with all the paperwork, there is a gold five dollar coin, a silver dollar and a half dollar-there seems to be quite a few on this site familiar with US coins so could anybody give me an approximate value and tell me whether they're worth keeping hold of?

I thank you in advance!

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Sounds like this is what you have:




Proof basically means it was more carefully struck for collecting, as opposed to "business" strikes that are designed to circulate. Proofs will look nicer with the mirror like fields (background) and frosted relief.

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Melt on the $5 is now about $350, the silver dollar has a melt value of about $23 and the halves usually sell around $5-10, so at a minumum the set is worth about $380, but I wouldn't be surpised if they sell between $400 and $500 now.

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