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Canadian 1 cent, 1859.


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Hey there! I need some help from the more cunning people..


I've got two 1 cents from 1859. I know there are loads of different versions of the "9" and such, however I don't have any knowledge at all about it really.


I think one of the coins is Brass and one is Bronze, since they have different colours, but might be because being worned in different way I don't know.. I'll try to provide good pictures that are zoomable.. I don't really know how to spot double-strikes and such.


1st coin:








Thanks for any help.

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Agree. Though I would like to see a brass version for the heck of it.


Ask and ye shall receive! It's not mine, but one that was on ebay a while back. To be honest it's a hideous coin and I could think of many many other coins that could be bought for the price it probably sold for.


edit- PS it was graded ICCS VG-8, Corrosion.





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