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Coin Sets - Are You working On Any?


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Here's a few of mine:




Australia current circulating coinage pulled from circulation (1966-present)

Finnish coin year set 1963-1993

Modern Japan coin year set (1870-1950)

Current Japan coin year set (1948-current)

Korean year set (1888-1910)

South Korean modern year set (1959-present)

General type set - Imperial Russian silver coins (1802-1917)

General type set - Imperial Russian copper coins (1700-1801)

General type set - Imperial Russian copper coins (1802-1917)

Last Russian Imperial Copper coins year set (1867-1916)

Soviet Union year set (1921 - 1957)

Soviet Union year set (1961 - 1992)

Soviet Ni-cupro commemorative coins (1965-1991)

Modern Russian coins year set (1992 - present)

US State Quarters year set (1999-2008)

Nickel Westward Nickel Series year set (2004,5)

Presidential Dollars year set (2007+)


Doable but just require a lot of patience as well as a bit of money I guess.

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I've taken to a few sets, but so far I have only been collecting from circulation


Lincoln Cents 1959-2008 (uncirculated only after 1982; finished about a year ago)

Nickels 1938-1963 (nearly complete, only missing the key dates and a couple war nickels)

State/Territory/Park Quarters (missing a few mint marks in high grades)

Halves 1964-2010 (missing several rare dates and some of the post '01 coins)

SBA Dollars 1979-1999 (complete except for the '82s and '99-D)

Sac Dollars 2000-2010 (missing most of the '02-'08 range)

President dollars 2007-2010 (will probably spend most of them; this is getting expensive)


I don't see much point in collecting circulated quarters/dimes/nickels past '65 since none are particularly rare and will probably circulate for at least 30-50 more years. Nickels and half dollars are my favorite to collect by far. Nickels are cheap and a relatively reliable source of old coins, and half dollars are just fun to spend when you're done with them.

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My main emphasis these days is my Roosevelt dimes set. I'm also working on Jefferson nickels and at the moment Kennedy half dollars.

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The main sets:


- $1 silver certificates beginning 1923 - all signatures, stars, and major varieties. The biggest ones are left and will take years to accumulate the budget just for a few of them. :/


- Peace dollars - 1934-D, S, 1935-S remaining


- Barber dimes - XF+ - proofs included. a long way to go but I've made good progress this year.


- V Nicks - XF+ - proofs included. a long way to go but I've made good progress this year here too.


- Walking Halves - late series - slabbed MS65+ and proof 65+ - some progress. I only visit this one when I find something nice. Mostly investment/neat finds.



Occasionally I'll pick up something pretty in other places.

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No sets that I'm actively pursuing - other than making the odd trade for upgrades to my British milled farthing-shilling predecimal type set.


Am also slowly working on Fiji silver sixpence by date.

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Birth Year world set: all circulating coins from 1963; estimated no more than 1/3 complete (there's more than I thought!)

The Jefferson Project: Complete run of Jefferson nickels in MS60 or better. Still in early days

In Soviet Russia, Coin Collects YOU!: Soviet-era Russian coins

She Blinded Me With Coinage: coins with a science theme (at least the sciences that interest me -- physics, astronomy, chemistry, cosmology, and space travel issues as well)


Washington clad quarters from circulation

Roosevelt clad dimes from circulation

Jefferson nickels from circulation


Polish of any kind

Pre-Decimal British


Anything else that makes me go "Ooo!" :D

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I have a lot of date runs in series that are lacking many of the key dates, such as Morgan dollars. Don't know if I will ever be able to finish that one unless I can find some cheap fillers for the keys somewhere. The few series which I have been concentrating on in the past couple of years or so are closest to completion:


USA, Indian Head cents ... missing about 1/2 dozen dates here and there, but I do have 1877, 1908-S and 1864-L. 1860 pointed bust seems rather difficult to find these days, although it shouldn't be particularly rare. Target grade is XF/AU or better. 1877 is only F-12, though (my grade). My Indian cents


Russia, silver 50 kopecks of Nicholas II -- missing only 1904 and 1906 plus the impossible proof-only issues 1898 and 1903. Looking for AU or better, but some rare dates are only F/VF. My 50 kopeck coins


U.S. commemorative 50 cents: My Booker T. Washington and Carver/Washington series in UNC are both growing nicely, but are nowhere near being complete. My BTW commems ... My GWC/BTW commems

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A few "small" sets on the go.


1) Circulated sovereigns, a date set here? Mintmarks unimportant. ON GOING


2) Philadelphia Standing Liberty Quarters in UNC grades (1917-1930)

45% complete & ON GOING


3) GB Ten pences all types & varieties (1992-Present)

90% complete and ON GOING, SPORADICALLY


4) Half Guinea monarch set (1669-1811)

30% complete, NOT A PRIORITY


5) George II Young Head sixpences (1728-1741)

10% complete, NOT A PRIORITY


6) Anglo-Saxon two line type pennies by monarch (899-975)

50% complete, NOT A PRIORITY



I have thought about doing a Titanic Year gold set, already got $2.5, $5, £1 covered, but not really sure whether to persue this as the other sets are enough to see me to 2030 at the very least!

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