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Hey there.


I've found what I think is a Thaler, and I can't find any information about it when googling it's legends. Only link I find is a link to an ebook, which only says it's a Thaler, not even country or date.






Does anyone have any knowledge about this type of Thaler?

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"216. AB. Thaler, undated. Obv. HOIGER.GEBHAR.ALBER.ET.PHILP.


Helmeted arms. Rev. St. George, mounted, spearing dragon."


However, it doesn't say .ET. on the coin, just .E. :)


This is all I can find on google.. from this e-book:




It's hard to read this E-book, but it says that it's on page 476, which would make it Germany. Which seems correct! Now I'm "just" looking for some sort of date and worth..


Thanks for your input!

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I don't have Davenport books handy, but this looks like a Thaler of Mansfeld (city in Saxony) of the time of Albert VII and Philipp II (middle of the 16th century).

See this link for a somewhat similar coin



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