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An interesting counterstamp on a Chinese dollar coin


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I won this on ebay a while ago and received it recently. I've never felt so strangely when I held this particular "coin":





Quoted from the seller:




What we present here is one of the famous Chinese Silver Dragon Dollars. However the example of this coin we present here is very different and very rare. After the Tian An Men Square massacre in Beijing an organization was formed to assist Chinese exchange students who were stranded in the United States where they had been studying. One of the devices they used to raise money was to counterstamp a few hundred old Chinese Silver Dollars and sell them at a premium. In the center of the counterstamp was an anti-Communist logo and circling that the name of the group. On one side of the coin the lettering was in Chinese and on the other side of the coin the lettering was in English. Some of the coins actually had chop marks which were very traditional in old China as they guaranteed that this was a piece of good silver and that could pass in circulation. With only about 200 of these Counterstamped Chinese Silver Dragon Dollars in existence, these are extremely rare, historically very interesting and it would be very difficult to find one of these coins today. This is a rare opportunity to obtain a rare and interesting coin. It comes complete in the specially printed envelope in which the coins were sold.




Clearly an Anti-Soviet logo overstruck on a heavily chopmarked Kiang Nan province silver dollar coin. On the envelope as follows:


China Freedom Dollar - Support the Federation - Save the students


One piece

Thank you for your support



A quick google check on BCSSA refers to this site: http://www.bcssa.us/cms/index.php

Berkeley Chinese Students and Scholars Association (BCSSA) is a student organization registered at ASUC (Associated Students of the University of California) on Berkeley campus.


Quite interesting. Couldn't find any more information. Maybe I should send an email at the Berkeley campus to see anything like this did happen.

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There's another twist to this story which someone on coincommunity took his time to investigate:


These coins were stuck not exclusively by the BCSSA, but by small student organizations at universities such as Tsinghua and Beijing University who had students overseas. They were made up to the early 1990s, and were given to some of the students who were overseas or sold to people in Western countries with lots of Chinese students such as the UK and the US. There are no records of how many were made, but it was a small amount by more or less covert operations. The coins that were used were not limited to Empire coins, but also Republic of China silver dollars as well.


Link to the discussion: http://www.coincommunity.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=75409

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