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Holland 1 Gulden 1980


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When I was going through my coins from Holland/Netherland I found this 1 G from 1980. There are 3 different versions of 1980 1 Gulden, normal, silver and golden.


I've tried google but have yet to see any picture of any silver och golden version. But what I can see on my coin is that it's not like the normal versions I've seen pictures on.


So I suppose it's the silver version? Anyone can confirm this? Or should the whole coin be in silver, or just like my coin?


Next step is the quality of the coin.. which I'm not so good at. It has probably been circulated and it has some scratches on the neck. In the World Coins book, there is no price set for F-VF-XF-UNC, just for BU- 1,500 $.. What do you think it's worth? If it's a Silver version, KM#200a






There is also a difference in weight between the normal and silver version, of 0.5 grams. I don't have any equipment to check that out either. :/


Thanks for any help!

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It looks like a circulation nickel strike to me. There were only 7 gold and 157 silver pieces struck. I'm assuming they were in special cases, and the catalogs note the addition of a Z mark added to indicate the silver version (ZIJ on the rim is not the added Z).

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Can't see that it's silvery like me in the middle.. but idk.




I read on this topic now that that Z should be added by the Mint Mark on the obverse.. I'll check my coin out and come back.

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