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Fake 1880-CC silver dollar AND fake PCGS slab


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Here is the fake:

Fake 1880-CC silver dollar and FAKE PCGS slab!


Here is the real thing (AND the real slab with the same certification number):

Genuine 1880-CC sold in Heritage auction


Both show the same PCGS cert. no. Obviously, this is a different coin and a different slab.


Rather strange that the listing is showing the description in German, although the seller is in China... :confus: I just reported this to eBay; please do the same (click on the link "Report item" right underneath the "Other item info" link on the right)!

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In the meantime, I have saved the eBay images to my own site:




I find it strange, though, that this seller was allowed to go ahead and sell about half a dozen slabbed Chinese coins -- presumably of the same "provenance" as this piece -- even after the auction was pulled. Perhaps he saw this thread and decided to end the auction before eBay could get on his case?

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How did you spot these two so easily among the hundreds of coins up for auction each day?

I have a search saved for USA coins offered in Europe. This particular seller seems to have placed his auctions in the Swiss eBay site, so it stuck out like a sore thumb!


It was a bit harder to find the original slab in the Heritage archives, since the cert. no. isn't searchable. But you can filter the results by TPG and grade which makes it somewhat easier.

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