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1873 Indian cent


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I'd say closed 3 as well. Can't get an enlargement so that's based on the photo they used and it may be shadows that make it look closed.

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Cant see it. :(

Sorry, I forgot that Sixbid is starting to hide the auction images when linked from outside sites, so I saved it to my own server. You should be able to see it in my original post now.

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Nice AU coin. I think I might bid on it!

Please do! :art:


Here are detail images of the dates from both of mine, just for the sake of comparison:


---CLOSED 3: ------------------------- OPEN 3:---



I find it difficult to see the difference without 10x magnification, but if the lighting is right, sometimes it is clear.


The term "closed 3" should probably read "closer 3" because it really is still open ... the 3 in the 1923 Peace dollars is much more closed than this, such that I have seen many auctions mistakenly offering a 1923 Peace dollar (one of the most common years) as 1928 (the key date).

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