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1841 Webster HTT

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This Webster hard times token should be either HT20 or HT20B according to the Rulau catalog:




However, I can't see any differences between the two, except that 20 might be a little bit smaller than 20B (catalog says "28.5-29mm diameter", whereas all the other varieties are listed at 29mm). Unfortunately, I didn't measure the diameter before putting it away, and now it is in storage. Here are the high resolution images:




Is there any other way to tell? They are both valued the same, so I suppose it doesn't really matter. But it would be nice to know.

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20B was struck using rusted dies & the rigging is weak according to Rulau. So IMHO you have HT20 as the rigging looks strongly struck & it also looks like yours was struck from non-rusted dies.

Thanks! :art:


Is the rigging the little areas of net (???) between the sails and the railing of the ship? Or is it the ropes running between the masts of the different sails? (Please excuse my nautical ignorance! :D )

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Rigging is the mechanical sailing apparatus attached to the hull in order to move the boat as a whole. This includes cordage (ropes attached to the spars and sails in order to manipulate their position and shape), sails (aerofoils, usually made of fabric, used to catch the wind), and spars. I suspect that Rulau probably is refering to the main ropes attached to the masts(& might including the 'nets' used for climbing but also transmit the sail-power to the hull) & not the sails themselves but it is an ambigous statement. If we could see a 20 & 20B together it would become clearer what he actually meant by rigging. The single ropes(cordaged) attached to the mast(not the 'nets' would I suspect be the first to appear weakly struck being so thin.

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