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Coins have Phenomenon


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In 2005 a strange phenomenon in error form, first appeared on a United States nickel with a bison and quickly became a reality. The nickel had been minted in commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the Westward Journey, made by Lewis and Clark. Although the phenomenon became increasingly present, it was the particular way in which these errors formed and positioned themselves in a parallel with history that made each occurrance such a unique event. It would later be discovered that there was a purpose for which the events had happened and would be revealed in the book, A Spirit Among Us ... ROBE. A Parallel Events Theory ensued with a form of communication by which this phenomenon linked one part of a message to a coin. The founding principal of the theory came in three parts, coin-to-coin, coin-to-history and an event-to-event. The buffalo on the coins with severed heads and chopped tongues became the founding block in which a story would be built. There were hundreds of intriguing errors discovered each an unprecidented scene documented by history, and absolutely astonishing to see!

Surprisingly during the same time period, parallel events were unfolding that would lead to the largest buffalo slaughter since the nineteenth-century and would occur twice in Yellowstone National Park to the only genetic pure buffalo remaining from the original herd, carried out by the wildlife officers of the park over a myth that if the buffalo escaped the park they could give Montana cattle brucellosis. Although there has never been a documented case, it may well be what brought this Sioux legend, to life.


Do you know of any other coins this happened to in American coin history?

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