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1861 Anhalt


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This Thaler has a minage of 10,000. It is what is called a mining Thaler. The crossed hammers on the rev. is how you tell its a mining Thaler. From my German States collection.

1861 Anhalt Taler.jpg

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Quite nice, looks more MS62 than AU58 to me.


Reminds me a lot of thalers from Bern Switzerland. Must be the bear.

I do agree with you, as it looks mint state to me also. I've lost a lot of respect in TPGS, for gradeing 16th to 19th century German coins. I've gotten to the point that I will not send in any coins to PCGS or NGC. I can spot a fake when I see one, but I did like the protection that the slab gives.I now use Air Tight holders for all my coins. The only problem is finding a holder to put my larger Thalers of 70mm and larger in.

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I hope someone is still reading this. Anyway, here goes...


It's a gorgeous coin. And the comment regarding TPGs is interesting. I find too that they have some difficulty with grading German thalers. There's some inconsistency I feel. This particular one seems like an MS, potentially even getting to 63, but since I can't make out the degree of wear on the bear, it's iffy territory to commit.


The thighs and face of the bear are usually the first place that show wear on this thaler.


Beautiful piece!

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