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system for entering multiple coins into OmniCoin

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I've been adding several coins to my collection in OmniCoin lately and ran into the fact that I have to repeat many similar things for each coin.



Would it be possible to create a system in which you can enter multiple coins more easily?


one way would be to create a form with several fields, organized like a table and that you can fill in and then post them all at the same time.



Another system could be: the member creates a comma separated values file with al required data in a specific sequence and loads that file into OmniCoin, which then processes the file.



each line is one coin and could look like:



United States, 2005, UNC, Ocean View Nickel "D", c:\pictures\D_obverse.jpg, c:\pictures\D_reverse.jpg

United States, 2005, UNC, Ocean View Nickel "P", c:\pictures\P_obverse.jpg, c:\pictures\P_reverse.jpg


etc. etc.



This would also apply for BanknoteBank.com obviously.



http://www.eurobilltracker.com uses both systems for users who have entered more than a certain amount of notes, and it makes it a lot easier and faster to enter notes.

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Let me know if you want more info on how the eurobilltracker site has it implemented.


I'm a member there with enough notes entered in the system to have the super-duper-deluxe entering system enabled.


Members with less posts won't see it at all

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