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He posted this twice. I answered in the other forum:

It could be a tourist piece from the Pyramids or a good luck piece from a Shriner's mosque. The medal might be worth ten cents to a dollar as a curio, but to be worth more you would need to supply more information. Where did you buy it? How did you come upon it? What did the seller tell you?

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Could it be one of those pieces made on demand with the purchaser's name in hieroglyphics?


On that theory, I dug the books out of the basement, but for starters, the "Courtyard" symbol (open square with dot) is not of the standard form. The "rope" lacks the third twist. For this kind of work, I charge money by the hour.


However, online, of course, the Wikipedia is a start and there is an excellent website for ancient sources named after the great polymath, Isidore of Seville. Look under "Ancient and Medieval Civilization" on the left.


The thing with hieroglyphics is that like Chinese ideograms, they carried meaning at one level, but sounds on another. Also, while "a" and "aa" seem well attested and while you can read short "i" as "y" in "yellow", they did not write vowels. One of the best scenes in the movie Stargate was where the girl Sha'un corrects the archaeologist Peter Jackson, as he reads.


Anyway, the easy answer is: "I don't know."

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