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Selling MORE Silver World Coins for MELT!!!


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Selling these 2 silver world coins for melt value:








1898 5 Pesetas (Spain): 90% silver, 25 grams, 0.7234 ASW

1920 Half Crown (England): 50% silver, 14.138 grams, 0.2273 ASW


Total silver: 0.95 ASW

Price: $22


I based my asking price on a ROUNDED-DOWN price of silver at $24/oz. I am based in the US, and can mail anywhere in North America. As far as shipping goes, I will only charge $3 for US-based users (you'll be provided with a tracking number AND signature confirmation) or contact me for a shipping quote if you're in Canada or beyond. Selling these because I'm a poor college student who needs the money in my hand instead of my albums at the moment :(

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