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Fake 1899 Rouble (with photos) - Very Good


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After reading around on the Russian forum "Staraya Moneta" (link to this same topic: http://www.staraya-moneta.ru/forum/forum15/topic22778/) I came across a discussion there of how someone bought this coin on ebay and realized after receiving it that it was a fake:






The rouble at the very bottom is the "fake", and the top two are genuine.



My question is: how can you tell it's a fake? I compared it to photos from heritage, drew lines, angles, everything to compare the tiniest details and it appeared that the design was identical to a 1899(**). Even the edge checks out! It's bothering me now :( what features am I supposed to look for to let me know this is a fake?

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Any opinions?

The edge letters look too thick to me in the bottom coin. However, it is hard to tell by looking at this picture -- I probably would have picked the topmost edge as the fake if you hadn't already said which one -- and for the opposite reason, the letters look too thin on that one!


But the quality of this fake is amazing :shock: -- Unfortunately, I haven't studied this series nearly as well as I have the poltinas of Nicholas II.

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