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Unknown George II (?) 1754 British Coin


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Hey, guys,


I only collect Russian coins, so I'm hoping to get help for this new discovery:


I came across this 1754 coin labeled "Britannia" with what appears to be a George II portrait on it. I don't even have references for anything pre-1800, so my questions are: What is it and is it authentic? And what is it worth, if anything? The peeling "copper" makes me doubt it's real, but I have no idea how the British coins were made back then... Any help is appreciated.





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Base metal coins of this era were copper, so the fact that yours is peeling it suggests (as you surmised) a fake (and there were a lot of them around at the time). Only the actual diameter of the coin will tell you what denomination it is supposed to be. Halfpennies were 28-30 mm, farthings 22-23 mm.

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