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is this a 1949 D over S Jefferson nickel

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Welcome to CP MadMardigan, it appears to me that it is a RPM; (repunched mintmark) which means the mintmark was punched slightly off from the first and deepest impression. This was, I believe, still back when the mintmark was impressed by an individual onto the hub die and not part of the master die.

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Thanks for the welcomes and replies.


I'll try to get a better pic tomorrow in the natural daylight instead of artificial light. This one has been cropped and resized a bit to get under 100k.


should I try to clean up the spot a bit. I know the "if in doubt don't clean it" rule but is there anything I might do to get rid of the dirt or crud around the mint mark to clear it up a bit?

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You may be able to use olive oil on a Q-tip and gently press it into the dirty area. Do not wipe or scrub it however because that is likely to leave traces of hairlines and whatnot. Otherwise hot running water and patting it dry may also help. In most cases though, you are correct, never clean a coin.

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