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1799 George III coin

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Hi all,


Have finally got my camera back.


Would be grateful for some information regarding this coin (grade, value, history etc...). Is it a farthing? I ask because I have seen a 1799 farthing but it states'farthing' underneath Britannia.


Many thanks,




The Chest of Coins



This half penny was made in the SOHO mint in Birmingham. Acording to my 1997 "Coins of England" all half pennies and farthings of this year (1799) were patterns, but the value does not reflect that. Seems odd ? More research needed .

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It's a the half penny version of cartwheels. Cartwheel penny and twopence were struck from 1797 to 1799, but dated 1797. In 1799, halfepennies were minted, but since copper prize increased, it should weight less than half oz.

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