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15 rouble 1897


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I'm going to buy 15 roubles 1897.OCC variant.but what is the price of the day(€)???600-650€?


This is a strong candidate...



thanks from Finland!

This link takes you to the start of the Russian section. The coin must be lot 319?


Looks like a nice XF/AU -- the pictures are a little small. There are some very minor marks or scratches on the obverse in the hair region, AFAICS. It is very difficult to find these in nice, uncirculated condition, but 15 roubles 1897 in AU is actually very easy to find. I think around €500 is probably a better price, but you might have to bid a little higher to win it! And the price of gold right now is pretty high, around US-$1300/oz. This coin contains about 1/3 oz. pure gold, so you should reckon with a price of at least 1/3 of that plus maybe 10-20% extra (minimum).


Look at some recent prices (and coins) here:

Монетный Двор, 15 рублей 1897 г.

The OCC variety is shown separately from the CC variety. You need to scroll down the page a little to find it.


Good luck! :art:

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by the way is occ variety more common than cc?in finland is much more occ variety than cc

The recent reference book by V.V. Kazakov also says so. But both varieties are easy to find, IMHO, so neither one of them is really scarce (IMHO).

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