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A Victorian Mystery circa 1880's, NOW SOLVED!

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Galvano/Electrotype; Unifaced medal 22gms, 46mm x 5mm excluding flange, signed L.C.WYON on truncation. Has been painted a golden colour.

Diademed veiled head of Queen Victoria left, VICTORIA R & I. AND OF JAMAICA SUPREME LADY


The R & I. is for REGINA & IMPERATRIX, this bust by Leonard Charles Wyon was used from circa 1880 for a few years(for various medals) but none other used the 'R & I.' or the 'AND OF JAMAICA SUPREME LADY'. As there is no reverse I can only speculate what it was meant to commemorate, perhaps her Golden Jubilee of 1887?


I could only find one mention of 'Supreme Lady of Jamaica' online in a gude book, here is my condensed version; In what was Kingston's Victoria park......until renamed in 1977....., a statue of Queen Victoria-the one-time "Supreme Lady of Jamaica"- stands by the east entrance.

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What was a Victorian mystery is now solved.


Another gavalno/electrotype, the reverse of "AND OF JAMAICA SUPREME LADY"

INTERNATIONAL/ EXHIBITION/ JAMAICA/ 1891 enclosed by open wreath.





THE JAMAICA EXHIBITION.by his Excellency, Sir Henry A. Blake, Governor of Jamaica.


"The 27th of January 1891, has been decided upon as the day on which will be opened the Jamaican Exhibition; an event of very great importance for the West Indies generally, and one that must have a singular interest for the United States, with its many millions of colored citizens"


The Prince of Wales opened the Exhibition, which ran till 2nd May.


The exhibition was financed by public subscription. It was an impressive affair drawing participants from as far away as Russia, Holland and India.


In addition to encouraging tourism, they hoped the exhibition would bolster the trade of new agricultural products(especially bananas) that the island offered for sale.

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