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Help for identification


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Hello everyone. This is my first post. And I have a question for identification for that banknote.

I know is tahat a Iranian banknote but i don't see this banknote in World Paper Money or some auctions.





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It is not really a banknote, but a bearer cheque issued by a commercial bank. Bank Merkazi Iran only issues banknotes up to 50.000 Rials, which is not very much in spending power. So commercial banks in Iran issue larger denomination notes, I think now they go up to 1 Million Rials. The notes issued by the commercial banks will probably end up in specialised catalog sometime.

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You may find that this is a "bank cheque" issued by the Saderat Bank.


My eyes are getting bad but the date of the blue stamp looks like a Jalali date of 1385 Mara 14 that would be Oct 6 2006 (in English).


I remember reading an article somewhere on Iranian Bank Checks, but I do not remember sorry. It may have been in the IBNS Journal. I will look to see if I can find it.

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