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Numismatics in Finland


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... actually, not much Ugritic in Finnish numismatics. The Finns had long since gone their own way when the Romans explored the area.

The earliest coins found in Finland are a handful of Roman copper coins from the first and second century A.D. There are also a few late Roman and early Byzantine gold solidi which have been found in archaeological excavations in Ostrobothnia. In the Viking Age (800–1050) coins became much more common ...


That was from the Finnish Numismatic Society (Suomen Numismaattinen Yhdistys) website here.

"In 1860, Finland was granted its own monetary unit, the mark (markka), which was divided into a hundred pennies (penni). A mark corresponded to a quarter of the Russian silver rouble. The first bank notes were issued the same year and the first coins were struck in 1864." -- SNY


They post images and results of their auctions ("Huutokaupat" - third from the left).

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