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Brokage of Louis XVIII, 1814.


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Though I had previously posted this in exonumia I thought I should post it here too.



Brokage of the reverse of BHM #800, The Restoration of the Bourbon Dynasty 1814, struck on an undersized(24mm) & thinner planchet than usual.

Uniformed bust of Louis XVIII bare head facing. LOUIS XVIII RESTORED MAR. 31. 1814 Br. 25 by T. Kettle R. but of course this example is of the highest rarity & might well be unique.




BROKAGE: A struck coin/medal/token exhibiting an error caused by the failure of the coin press to release the previous coin from the die before striking it. The design from the first coin is imprinted, sunken in reverse, on the second coin. Brokage coins/medals/tokens appear to have the same design on both sides with one side showing a reverse or mirror strike which, because the previous coin/medal/token acts as the die, does not usually have the same quality of detail

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