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Duke of York 1827

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BHM#1280 WM 38mm by T. W. Ingram RRR.

Obv. Draped bust of the Duke of York, bare headed, left. H.R.H. FREDERICK DUKE OF YORK. K.G. &C.

Rev. Trophy of flags behind cask on plinth. FAITHFUL & BELOVED On plinth: THE SOLDIERS FRIEND Below BORN AUGT 16.1763/ DIED JANy.5 1827


Ingram produced 3 medals for the death of the Duke, one 44mm does have a standing mourning soldier before the urn. The other 2 are 38mm in WM both with the same obverse, neither mention a soldier on the reverse. The inscriptions on mine completely match BHM#1280, the only difference is the seated soldier on mine, either Brown's description omitted mentioning the soldier by mistake or I have an unlisted variant. Even if it is just Brown's omission it is still RRR.(extremely rare) but I see the BM have a copy so I will seek their advice.

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