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Libertads wanted


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Looking for Mexican Libertad silver one ounce coins. Will swap my raw morgans from my own personal collection. PM or email me at: luskie@mi-connection.com, if interested and you can help this old 78 year old collector out. Thanks for looking. Here is what I have to swap.


I need the following one ounce libertads to complete a collection. Have the following morgans to trade. Also have a 2008 Britannia to trade. Louie


84, 89, 90, 92, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, 00, 01, 03, 04, 05, 06, 08, 10.




1878-p ms63

1878-cc vf

1878-s ms63

1879-p ms63

1879-cc vg

1879-o ms63

1879-s ms63

1880-p ms63

1880-o ms63

1880-s ms63

1881-p ms60

1881-o ms63

1881-s ms63

1882-p ms63

1882-cc g

1883-p ms60

1883-cc vf

1883-o ms63

1883-s vf

1884-p ms60

1884-o ms63

1884-s vf

1885-p ms60

1885-o MS63

1885-S AU

1886-P MS63

1886-O MS60

1886-S AU

1887-P MS63

1887-O MS60

1887-S MS63

1888-P MS63

1888-O MS63

1888-S XF

1889-P MS63

1889-O AU

1889-S AU

1890-P MS63

1890-CC VG

1890-O MS63

1890-S MS60

1891-P XF

1891-CC VG

1890-O MS63

1890-S MS60

1891-P XF

1891-CC VG

1891-O XF

1891-S AU

1892-P XF

1892-O VG

1892-S G

1893-P G

1894-O G

1894-S G

1895-O G

1896-P MS63

1896-O MS60

1896-S MS60

1897-P MS63

1897-O VF

1897-S MS60

1898-P MS63

1898-O MS63

1898-S G

1899-P MS63

1899-O MS63

1899-S G

1900-P MS63

1900-O MS63

1900-S VG

1901-P G

1901-O MS63

1901-S VG

1902-P XF

1902-O MS63

1990-S AU

1903-P MS63

1903-S G

1904-P MS63

1904-O MS63

1904-S G

1921-P MS63

1921-D MS63

1921-S MS63


1878-P MS60 7/8 TF

1878-P XF REV OF 79

1878-P XF 8 TF

1889-O G

1886-P MS63 TONED

1896-O AU

1921-D AU

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